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Wednesday, March 28

This just in ...

... Sunday, April 1st is the next International Pajama Day (IPJD)! I'm aquiver with anticipation!!!

Saturday is the Monument Avenue 10k, which Friend and I will be walking in again. Yes, we're walking it ... I have a strict don't-run-unless-being-chased policy. We've been so busy getting in shape for it ... NOT! We haven't walked the first step in preparation. Lord, we're gonna be hurtin'! So - IPJD will be very welcome on Sunday.

The kids are also getting in on the action ... DD#2 and DD#3 are going to participate in the First Market Mile Kids Run. They're really excited about it.

Should be a fun day for all!

BTW - I finished sock#1 of the STR Inside Out socks in Monsoon - the pair should be completed in the next day or so ... Woo Hoo!!!!!