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Friday, March 30


I did it ... I finished the socks! I'm so excited - my first, okay, only FO for March - and I knit them, start to finish in 24 days! And I wasn't even an obsessed knitting fool while doing these socks. I took my time and totally enjoyed the yarn and pattern.

I finished sock#2 Thursday evening while watching October Road. I immediately wove the ends in and put them on my feet. Positively yummy - yup - just as I had suspected. I'll share some FO pix over the weekend.


I'm participating in SecretPal 10 and we're having a contest ... so of course I have to play along! Our hostess asked us to share our fave knitting accessory.

Mine would be the coolest metal needle thingie I bought from Woolworks Ltd. back before Christmas. Here's a photo of it in action:

I first read about these over at the Harlot's place (surely you don't need a link?!?). When I called the shop, I asked if they had the metal sock needle holder thingies ... did she know what I was talking about? The lovely woman on the phone, Paula, said "Yup, close enough, we got 'em!"

These have truly been a god-send for my socks ... no more dropped stitches while the sock is hanging out in my knitting bag, no more needles poking me through the bag, no more lost needles. Everything is right where it should be. And it really impresses people when I pull it out of my knitting bag ... who could ask for more in a cool / fave knitting accessory?!?!

P.S. Cheer for Georgetown, m'kay?!?