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Monday, March 26

Still rockin' ...

... these socks - did I mention how much I love 'em? Here's sock#1:

Sock#2 is only 1 pattern repeat (20 rows) shorter. A couple of more evenings of knitting and these babies will be finito!

And look at those stitches and that color and ...

... and they feel scrumptious on.

I don't have any FOs for March yet because I put the 2 WIPs I was working on (Regia socks, mistake rib scarf) aside when this came in and I haven't put this down since. I really hope to finish these this week so I'll have one FO for the month.

Oh - and check this out (click to make it bigger):

I'm still in 1st place as we head into the Semi Finals on Saturday - Woo Hoo!!!!

Okay - back to the needles or no March FO for me!