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Monday, March 5

At last ...

... I've been wanting to post these all weekend. Presenting Socks That Rock in the new Monsoon colorway (mediumweight):
The yarn is beautiful shades of greens, grays and browns. The name Monsoon is very apropos.

This is the 1st yarn cake I wound - all 6 ozs of it:

And here are the two 3oz yarn cakes that will turn into a yummy pair of socks:

And here are my yarn-winding helpers (they're fresh out of the bathtub). They love when I get the swift and ball winder out. And heaven forbid they realize I wound yarn without them!

And I just couldn't help myself ... I cast on ... here is the beginning of my 1st ever toe-up sock:
(The color is more grayish and less purple-ish ... this is a difficult colorway to photograph.) I've totally loved the beginning of this sock so far. Knock on wood ... I got it right the first time! Woo Hoo!!!!!