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Sunday, February 18

It's a Small Small World

Yesterday the kids and I journeyed to Williamsburg to meet up with Friend and do a little stash enhancement. We went to Knitting Sisters. This was my first visit there, but of course Friend is a regular since she lives down there.

I picked up some Karabella Aurora 8 in the beautiful, rich, makes-me-wanna-lick-it Chocolate Brown colorway #6. This is such an incredible shade. I'm making a mistake rib scarf to wear with my new tan suede coat. I also scored some sock yarn to do a pair for myself and a pair for DD#2.

While at Knitting Sisters, I ran into another visiting knitter ... Robin was there. I'm standing there perusing the yarn and overhear the woman at the counter talking about MaryJane at Unraveled. Well of course, that's one of my fave LYSs (and the one closest to home) so she caught my attention. Robin knows another of my knitting buds ... Mary. Just goes to show what a small knitting world we live in.

Tomorrow I hope to share a photo or two of a recent FO as well as my WIPs. There will also be work on February's UFO ... a pair of socks that have been on the needles for months.