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Sunday, December 31

New Years Eve 2006

It's that time again, time for my annual New Year's Eve post - to review my goals and accomplishments for the past year. Here were my knitting goals for 2006 (remember these were written last year):

1) Knit a sweater - I'm awaiting the arrival of the yarn so I can cast on for a sweater for my former BIL's first child (due February '06).
2) Knit more socks, particularly for myself.
3) Get back to my charity knitting - I don't feel like I did nearly enough this year (2005).
4) Knit more things for myself in general - most of what I knit, I gift.
5) Start the SSCP knitting much earlier - September wasn't quite early enough this year.

How'd I do?
1) I cast on and knit my first sweater in January - it was a sweater for my former B-I-L's first child. I finished knitting it January 10th and did the seaming February 1.
2) Not so well on this one. I currently have 2 pair of hand-knit socks.
3) Could have done more ... 2 chemo hats for a friend, booties for preemies and 3 scarves for the family my group at work adopted for Christmas.
4) I completed (and regularly wear) 6 items for myself - not bad!!!
5) I actually started my SSCP knitting on January 10th and worked on it all year. It certainly made the holidays much less stressed. I highly recommend it!

Here are some of my accomplishments and things I learned through my 2006 knitting:

1) I am definitely a process knitter. Don't get me wrong - FOs are great - but it's all about the process for me. Even frogging soothes me.
2) FOs for the year:
~ 18 scarves
~ 6 hats
~ 2 pairs of socks
~ 2 chemo hats
~ 7 pair preemie baby booties
~ 1 baby sweater
~ 1 shawl
~ 1 clapotis
~ 3 shrugs
There are still a few items on the needles, but alas, they aren't finished yet.
3) Competed in the Knitting Olympics and achieved my goal - Go USA Lace Team!!!!
4) Taught 2 friends to knit.
5) New techniques learned:
~ Provisional cast on
~ Buttonholes
~ Mattress stitch
~ Finishing a sweater
~ Lace knitting
~ Picot cast-on edge
There may be one or two others that I can't think of right now, but not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

I still don't particularly like resolutions, I'm more about goals. For 2007, I hope to keep knitting and keep learning. I'd still like more hand-knit socks ... gotta work on that one!

This year, I wish the same things for you as I did last year: As the ball drops and we count down the seconds to the New Year, I hope you each find peace, happiness, abundance and joyful knitting.

Happy New Year!