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Tuesday, January 2

The First on The Second

Woo Hoo - the first FO of the year and today's only January 2nd!!! I just finished the bind-0ff for my Fiddlehead Scarf from Morehouse Farms - mine is actually a gorgeous red/black variegated that doesn't photograph well in the dark. I'll try to get a good photo of it this weekend. It should be blocked by then too.

ETA: Photo of scarf from Morehouse site.

I bought this kit at the Knitters Review Retreat in early November. I cast on at the retreat Sunday morning during our New Beginnings session. The idea is that we cast on new projects for the coming year, swapping stitches on others' cast-on rows for good luck. You know ... some good knitting juju.

I started my scarf a little differently in that I'm kind of funny about different knitters casting on/knitting with different tension and possibly causing my scarf to look a little wonky in the beginning. So, to keep the good vibes, mojo and juju going, I cast on using my friend/roomie's circular needle. This way I still had her juju going in my scarf too. You may recall this photo from an earlier post - but it's a picture that bears repeating ... that's Lou after some stash enhancement that particular weekend. With that kind of excitement, I know I got some GREAT knitting juju by using her needles for this scarf. Thanks again Lou!