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Wednesday, May 3

As promised ...

I may have said something in my post earlier today about posting some long-awaited photos. So, here they are!

This is The Clap (I can't help but grin everytime I say/type that!). The color shown is pretty close - these pictures are a little brighter than real life. The actual color is richer and has a little metallic in it.

This shows the 1st couple of dropped stitches:

Although I've done dropped stitches on other projects, it never ceases to amaze me - it's really fun!

And here are the Cedar Creek STR socks, in their currently unfinished form:

I'm still totally loving this pattern and can't wait until the weather turns cold again so I can wear them. One of my knitting goals for 2006 was to knit more for myself - both The Clap *giggle* and these socks are for me!