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Wednesday, May 3

Clap on

The last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. DD#1 and I just returned from a weekend in Denver CO where she was the Junior Bridesmaid in the wedding of her "Big" (from Big Brothers/Big Sisters). Aimee has been DD#1's Big for almost 2 years and we've been truly blessed to have her as a part of our family. Here's a shot of DD#1 just before the ceremony:

While in Denver, I began working on the Clapotis (aka The Clap - heehee). I've resisted The Clap for quite sometime now. I finally decided I wanted to knit it, but couldn't find "the" yarn. You know, the perfect yarn. Then ... I found it.

I am loving this yarn - it feels good in the hands and the drape! Oh My - this is making some beautiful fabric. (I'll try to get a photo tonight - sorry.)

My beloved Cedar Creek STR socks aren't quite finished. I kind of shoved sock #2 aside to work on The Clap. I'll get back to it because I want them finished and will be getting the next shipment of STR in a couple of weeks. (I'll snap a photo of the sock tonight too.)

I also cast on yesterday for this. I'm knitting it in Sock Garden, but in Star Gazer Lily which, unfortunately, I think has been discontinued. Remember the friend at work that I taught to knit? Well, let's just say our little plan ... the one where we take over the world one knitter at a time ... is going along well! Friend finished her RockStar Scarf and it looks great (she's supposed to bring it in tomorrow so I can get a photo). She's already cast on for a lap-ghan for her MIL and yesterday, she and I both cast on for the shawl. I'm only working on mine at the office during lunch. Friend is working on hers whenever she can.

I can't believe the only thing I finished last month was a pair of baby booties. I noticed a few folks in blogland dubbed April Finishing Month - apparently I used it as a starting month. How did that happen? I started a 2nd pair of baby booties, an infant kimono (I actually started it twice because I messed the first one up so badly), The Clap, Cedar Creek Socks, and the 2nd sock in the pair for Niece#1. I think that's everything. Oy.