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Friday, May 5

I hear ya!

Since I'm so rotten about replying to comments left here on my bloggie, I thought I'd respond right quick.

Courtney - thanks for the offer of your Star Gazer Lily yarn - I appreciate it and may take you up on it. I'll keep you posted.

Jane - The Clap *heehee* is totally addictive. Loving it!!! And yes, I recognized the futility in resisting.

Emy - I totally understand the emergency knitting. I'm sure you'll have sock #1 finished before the next STR shipment.

Ang - see, even you can't resist giggling when you say/type The Clap. I'm telling you, it's an affliction! And you'll finish that scarf one of these days.

Mary - this yarn really is a dream and I can't wait to get home every night to work on The Clap *giggles* It amazes me sometimes how I can finish so many projects in one month, and then other times (like April), I didn't finish anything. Glad to see I'm not the only experiencing the eternal WIP phenomenon.

L-B - yes, I've been MIA the last few weeks at Wednesday night knitting, but I've been busy knitting. I plan to be there next week and will bring my WIPs, and may have some new purchases from MS&W too! I think the next shipment of STR should be making its way to club members around the 15th of May.

Gina - the sock pattern is Cedar Creek Socks and I love it. It came with the 1st shipment from the Socks That Rock Sock Club. I'm also loving The Clap *grins* so much that I may do a 2nd one in the future.

Remember I told you Friend has her 1st FO? Here it is - Friend's RockStar Scarf:

And since it's such a beautiful day outside and I probably won't post again until next week - I leave you with a shot of the bee-yoo-tee-ful roses Friend brought me from her front yard: