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Sunday, February 12


I swatched. I studied the pattern. I read - and reread - the pattern more times than I can count. So why then, have I had to rip and start over half a dozen times now?

I didn't get any Olympic Knitting done Friday night, as planned, as I took meds and went to sleep when I got home thanks to the ginormous migraine I had. I almost missed the Opening Cermonies - I woke up at 9pm. So, I began my knitting in earnest on Saturday. I got through 11 of the 18 pattern repeats on the body of the shawl. And then had to frog it - the first time. I have since been trying and trying and trying, but can't get through more than 4 or 5 repeats of the pattern before discovering a mistake that I can't find to fix.

Please, for the love of all things knitterly, send alcohol.