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Thursday, November 3

We're off to see the wizard

... okay, not EXACTLY.

Tonight when I get home, laundry will be done so that much packing can commence. Packing for what? This is the weekend of the Knitters Review Retreat - YIPPEEEE!!! Why much packing? *You sure do ask good questions!* Because not only do I have to pack my clothes, but clothes, toys and video games for 3 kids and knitting for 1 daughter. Packing my clothes is no trouble. The trouble will be with deciding which SuperSecretChrissiePressies to pack to work on while I'm gone. I will definitely be taking #8 and #9, which are currently on the needles. Hopefully I can get them finished and I'd like to start #10. I also have to knit the swatches for my workshop on Saturday (nope, haven't done them yet!) and I was REALLY hoping to finish the socks for me, so I could wear them on Saturday. I've only finished 1 sock so far.

I know there haven't been any photos in the most recent posts, but I'll make up for it after the retreat!

See you Monday!!!