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Sunday, November 13

Home again, home again ...

... jiggity jig.

I've come down from the mountain. I really don't know what to say about the Retreat - I'm still kind of processing everything about it.

Suffice it to say my expectations were greatly surpassed and if the lovely Queen Bee Clara had allowed it, I would have already registered for the 2006 (and all future) retreats!!!! The whole experience was incredible - the food was great (hey - please pass the apples), the rooms were cozy (I dunno about you, but I like to sleep in the cold), the porch provided an incredible view (is this where ladybugs go to die?), the classes were informative (is this woolen or worsted spun?) as well as sometimes a little challenging (slip stitch? single crochet? wtf?). But I think the most incredible thing was the people. From the variety of backgrounds and geographic origins to the various skill levels and years of experience. It was amazing to meet so many wonderful people. These ladies were eager and willing to share and offer tips and suggestions for everything from which needle to use for that yarn, to which fiber felt the slickeriest.

  • L-B - thank you so much for encouraging me to attend my first KR Retreat;
  • Clara - thank you for organizing such a wonderful experience and for being such a genuine person;
  • Jane - thank YOU for being such a fun, non-judgemental roomie that knows how to laugh;
  • KR Retreat Attendees - thank you for sharing your love of knitting and fiber and just having a good time;
  • and Mom - thank you for watching the girls Friday night so I could go!
I was blessed to be greeted by this view each morning:

and this one too:

Hey Clara - how many days until next year?!?!