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Monday, September 19

Progress Report

I'm almost done with Melodys Shawl - all that's left is to cut and block her. Yes, cut! This shawl is knit in the round, then you drop a bunch of stitches and cut her. The dropped stitches make the fringe. Totally cool pattern. I will definitely be ordering some more yarn to do this one again. I finished knitting her last week and when I went to drop the stitches, I found myself holding my breath the whole time. Here's a post-stitches dropped/pre-cutting/finally exhaled picture:

I cast on for a sock (weird, it almost looks like a cast on my foot - hahaha). This is one for the SuperSecretChrissiePressie list. I'm actually a little further than the picture shows - I've done about 2 inches on the foot.

On Saturday, Carrie (my bestest bud in the world, who happens to also be my SIL) and I took the kids to the Comcast Family Toons Day at the Childrens' Museum. Just let me say O.M.G. - it was a zoo. I've never seen so many kids running hither and yon in my life. And the lack of home-training was glaringly evident. Had my kids or my niece acted like some of those children did, they would've immediately been taken home and sent to bed. There was no sense in it. Don't get me wrong - I'll all about kids having fun, particularly in an environment designed and created for kids. But good grief! The parents of some of those kids need to learn a thing or two.
Here are a couple of shots of the kids:

DD#3, DD#2 and Niece #1 hanging out.

Niece #1 and DD#3 doing a craft.

And since today is Pirate Day, I leave you with this:

My pirate name is:
Mad Bess Cash
Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though,
are more than just a little bit. You're musical,
and you've got a certain style if not flair.
You'll do just fine. Arr!