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Sunday, August 14

Ahh - that's more like it

... having multiple WIPs. I was feeling a little unsettled only having 2-3 things on the needles. Now I've got 5 on the needles and feel much better.

I may have mentioned this before, but I so completely love knitting with people. I was able to knit with the local Stitch 'n Bitch group on Tuesday because my kids were spending the night with various relatives (DD#1 and 3 with the grandparents, DD#2 with her dad). On Wednesday I was able to join my knitterly friends at Barnes & Noble for our weekly knit. I took the kids to Starbuck's to knit with From the Heart Friday. I worked on a leftovers lapghan that will be given to a chemo patient.

Friday night I cast on for the small satchel from the men's issue of Knitty. I'm doing it in blue and orange - DD#1's school colors ... HIGH school! (OMG - I'm so not ready for it - that's a whole different post). She's totally excited.

I'm doing this satchel for her birthday so she can carry her laptop to/from school. In the county where we live, each middle school and high school student is given a laptop to use during the school year. Until this year, the kids got iBooks, but Dell got the new contract so now they get an Inspiron 600M. (Remind me to tell you about the iBook drama!) But I digress ...

This satchel has been a really quick knit and I even learned a new technique ... i-cord bind off. I'd never done that before and it was really easy! I just love learning new stuff - don't you?

We had DD#1 birthday dinner tonight even though her birthday is later this week. I was able to finish the satchel and felt it. I was literally removing it from the washer as everyone was sitting down to dinner! I just need to sew the strap on. I neglected to take pre-felting photos and then I left the blasted thing at my parents' by mistake so I can't take a photo of it yet. I'll take pictures of this and post it, and a few others, tomorrow. Later!