Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, August 9

Houston, we have lift off!

I THINK an answer/fix has been found. It would appear I had some nasty little bug (virus) residing in my 'puter. But never fear, it has now been eradicated - thanks to he-who-shall-not-be-named ... the ex ... see, he can be pretty decent when he wants!

Now, let's see if we can do a proper post here!

The end of July the kids went to vacation bible school - they had SSOOOOOO much fun. The theme was a safari in the Serengeti. Here's a shot of the stage and the jungle animals - very well done!

Here is DDs #2 in the pink shirt with glasses:

And DD#3 with pigtails on the back row with the yellow streamer in her hand:

I couldn't get a good shot of DD#1 because where she was standing on stage was too dark.

On Friday we hooked up with the From the Heart ladies. Here are Miss Anne and Miss Daisy working on a project:

And here are my girls - they weren't knitting at this point, they were eating a snack and playing the GameBoy:

Then on Sunday I was able to head over to the Yarn Lounge to knit with L-B and Mira. Have I told you I love knitting with others?!?

No progress shots on the current WIPs since there isn't much different to show ... they're just a little longer. Oh, and the baby socks (see below) I did for my cousin's baby .... well, she had twin boys!!!! So, I guess it's a good thing I did 2 pair!