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Wednesday, April 27

Knitting at the Yarn Lounge

I finally got some pictures uploaded to the computer, so rather than make you sit through a bunch of pix loading, I'll just share a few each day.


Are these not the cutest knitters ever?!?

DD#1 "I knit a bunch rows then Mom rips it out. So I keep starting over. She said something about practice - I just wanna make something!"

DD#2 "I've been knitting this scarf forever! Will I ever be finished? I think the yarn keeps growing when I'm not looking."

DD#3 "Okay, now can I - I can knit with needles?"

A week and a half ago, we journeyed to the Yarn Lounge (man, I love that place!) and commenced to knit. L-B joined us (HI L-B - waving madly!). A few other knitters joined us as well. The girls enjoyed themselves, but got a little bored after about an hour.


Work-out Update: As I said, I worked out at at the YMCA during lunch yesterday. I went to the Body Conditioning class. I only made it through 30 minutes (of a 45 minute, non-stop class). Considering I haven't worked out in, oh, about 2 months, I was pleased. Today ... not so much ... more like in pain! I am so sore I had to roll out of bed this morning. I couldn't bear to work out at lunch today, BUT, I didn't totally slack ... I walked at lunch. Tomorrow I'll be back in the Body Conditioning class for more abuse fitness.


Well, I'm kinda worn out (and still sore) so I'm going to bed. More photos tomorrow. G'night!