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Tuesday, March 15

Let's Talk

A few folks have recently left comments - thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry I haven't acknowledged, answered or addressed you yet. The whole little red x instead of a picture thing was causing quite the shiznit fiznit! But I'm all better now.

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival: I signed up for Mia's blog, but I've been keeping a list of those attending, whose blogs I read. I am really getting excited about the chance to be face-to-face and needle-to-needle with some of you fabo knitters! Elizabeth, you should try to come anyway. I'm going to talk to the group I'm going with tonight and see just how we're working the whole room thing. I'll keep you posted. Heather, I noticed you're planning to attend. We've got to connect! (I've got you on my bloglines too.)

Pictures, or Lack Thereof: Hey Renee and Violet, thanks for the suggestions for resolving my red x problem. I learned that the problem was a combination of me and them. Huh? I'll explain ... when I name my pix in my files, I'm pretty specific and use spaces in the name. Therein lies the problem. For whatever bizzaro reason, Hello/Blogger failed to read all of the html for the photo - it stopped at the SPACE.IN.THE.NAME. Now, I ask you, what brilliant programmer let that one through?!? Anyway, I've learned and there will be no more spaces in the names of my pix. Whew! And Elizabeth, you're 100% right - you get what you pay for.

Little Blue Boxes: Yes, I'm totally happy with my choice. And Heather, you're dead on ... they ARE addictive (whispering this is my THIRD - shhh). Perhaps on a slow knitting day I'll share pix of my other blue box blingies - after all, this is Diamonds & Purls *grins*.

Test Knitting / Bamboo Yarn: Still loving this yarn. It is so nice to work with. SP4 - I'll try to email you later with more info on that. We can also chat at MS&W - you are still going, aren't you?

Girl Scouts: It is a commitment but so worth the work. I enjoy it so much I tricked encouraged my SIL (and bestest bud) to be my assistant leader. We both really enjoy it. We're just overrun with cookies right now. Our girls did a pretty good job taking orders, but we've got more to sell. So .... be sure to let me know if anyone needs anything *wink wink*.

I need to give an Ellen-style shout out to Jane and her friend Laura Jo -- HOLLA!! -- I met them both Sunday at the fantabulous new LYS - The Yarn Lounge. Folks, this place is wonderful. I can't wait for my next kid-free time so I can zip to Carytown and lounge at The Lounge. Stewart has a wonderful selection of natural fibers, excellent books and magazines and a totally cozy environment for hanging out, chatting and knitting. Be sure to check it out if you're in Richmond!

Okay - later!