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Monday, March 21

Monday, again

Not much of a post today because there isn't really much to post about.

Friday evening was spent counting and distributing more GS cookies, as well as collecting money for them.

Saturday morning was spent running errands. Saturday afternoon I took the kids to the Byrd Theatre to see The Incredibles. I know, I know, The Incredibles has been out for a while and I'm just now taking the girls to see it. Well, I hadn't seen it yet and besides, we went to the Byrd - that in itself is a great time! This theatre was built in 1928 and is beautiful. What's more, it's only $1.99 per person to go!!!! Gotta love that! BTW - the movie was great. Be sure to see it if you haven't.

Sunday morning I woke up with a migraine that just would NOT go away. I took three doses of Excedrin Migraine, but it didn't budge. I've since discovered the label on the Excedrin says, "adults: take 2 geltabs .... do not take more than 2 geltabs in 24 hours ...." Oops. I took 6 geltabs in about 5 hours. Oops.

I have another migraine today. Looks like another call to the doctor and/or neurologist. Ugh.

Hopefully some knitting will happen tonight. At any rate, new episodes of 24 and Medium will be on tonight.

Speaking of TV - we've gone 3 weeks with no Desperate Housewives, and then last night was a fricking repeat. WTF?!?!