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Friday, February 11

Do-re-mi ...

I was really hoping to be passed by on this one, but no such luck (Thanks Stacey!) I think you'll all be rather disappointed as you read on:

1) Total amount of music files on your computer: 245 mb - it's a new computer and frankly, I just haven't had time to search for and download music lately.

2) The last CD you bought was: I think it is called Disney Jams or something. It was a ChrissyPressie for DD#2 (8 yo).

3) What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? Head Sprung by LLCoolJ (he doesn't know it yet, but he's my future husband *grins*)

4) What are your five favorite songs and why they mean the most to you: Music has played such a major role in my life - there is always a song to express what I'm experiencing at any given time. Because of this, I can't narrow it down to 5 songs. You could say my favorite 5 changes on an hourly basis! But some of my faves are: Lights by Journey, _________ by Earth Wind & Fire (you fill in the blank with any EW&F song and it's one of my faves - love 'em all), All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey, everything recorded by Yanni, Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy, and a number of Metallica songs too. See - varied and eclectic - too many to choose from.

5) What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why? Miss W - because I can; Christine - I'm interested to see her music; and Nyxxie - because she's done most of the others, she needs to do this one too!