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Wednesday, February 9

Take Two

Tonight was the 1st Knitting Meet-Up for February -- I had a blast and learned new things.

L-B: Thanks for teaching me the i-cord and for sharing your yummy fibery goodness!

Catherine: As always it was fun knitting with you. Please tell Caroline we missed her at Girl Scouts last week and I hope she feels better soon.

Natalie & Jessica: It was a pleasure to meet you both and hope to see you at future meetings. And Jessica, thank you and your roommate for ordering Girl Scout Cookies - YUM!

At the Meet-Up tonight I cast on for 2 new projects ... yup, you heard me right ... TWO. First, I cast on for a poncho for DD#1. The other WIP is my 2nd pair of Kids Mittens. As promised, I'm knitting the pair simultaneously using the Magic Loop technique. Now I must confess -- I've spent the last week trying to figure out how to cast on to do this. I read directions and descriptions but just couldn't get it. While driving to the Meet-Up, I thought ... I have to become one with it ... be the yarn, be the circular, be the mittens ... and then it happened. I had a God Breeze ... an aha moment ... suddenly I was able to VISUALIZE exactly what I needed to do. It all made sense. Woo hoo - we're knittin' mittens!

I don't have pictures of either project yet, as I've only done about an inch on each. Pictures soon, my fiber-loving friends!