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Monday, January 24

Sorry to leave you hanging!

Thanks for your comments and questions about the wonderful yarn coming my way from eBay. I'm sorry I left you hanging and didn't give you more info. I was just trying to get the post up and not thinking about links or details. (This is also how I keep you coming back, wanting more - mwah ha ha ha!)

So, to answer the questions of Lori and General Ginger:

The first yarn (Crocus = pink, purple and blue) is a handpainted fingering weight wool sold by Lotusblossom.

The second yarn (Mountain Lake = green, purple and blue) is also handpainted wool, but a worsted weight Australian wool. The seller was Lidika.

My first thought was to use one (or both) for Clapotis. I bought enough of each to knit that with plenty left over. I'll have to wait and see what the yarn says to me (yes, yarn speaks to me. Doesn't it speak to you?!?) to see if they're right for Clapotis.

Okay, back to 24 and the last few rows of the Big Bad Baby Blanket. Hopefully pictures tomorrow!