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Wednesday, January 26

Doctors and co-pays and drugs, oh my!

So it turns out my little cold last week turned into bronchitis which has, thus far, cost me about $100 ($20 co-pay for doctor visit, $63 prescription {yes, that's AFTER insurance}, and $18 for a bottle of Mucninex, which so far, I can't tell that it's doing anything). All I can say is drat - there went my yarn/knitting money for the month.

I'm back at work today because I feel guilty for missing time. I've probably rushed it and will end up feeling worse for the rest of the week ... story of my life! Oh well.

On to better things! Tonight is the Knitting Meetup - YEAH! I'm really looking forward to going and having conversations with adults about anything other than Spongebob Squarepants (who I can't stand - sorry all you Spongebob fans) and the merits of popcorn and hot chocolate. I think my kids OD'd on it.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post in the next day or so. Happy knitting everyone!