Weight Loss Progress

Friday, January 28


The Big Bad Baby Blanket is done!!!!! *happy dance*

I love how this blanket turned out. I will definitely being doing this pattern again for future VIBs in my life (VIB = Very Important Babies). This was an easily memorized pattern that I could work while doing other things too. Pix will be posted this evening.

The yarn I won on eBay came in and just let me say the pictures didn't do it justice. It's yummilicious! I'm going to do Clapotis in the Crocus (the pinkie, purplie one). Yes, gentle readers, Crocus was calling out to me before I even got the package open. I should have more than enough yarn to complete this as I got 1500 yards. Maybe there will even be enough to make something else.

Okay, here are a couple of questions for all you snazzy bloggers out there ... 1) how do I put pictures in my sidebar; 2) how do I make the buttons in my sidebar links so when you click on the button, you're taken to the site?

On the health front, I'm feeling a million times better than earlier in the week, but I'm still not totally 100% yet. Thanks to Lisa, Nathania and Heather for sending good, quick recovery vibes my way ... I know they helped! Thankfully, none of the kids got sick. We're normally a pretty healthy bunch.

Happy knitting!