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Tuesday, January 11

Pliget eats macrioni too!

It seems like my youngest was just born yesterday. But it's actually been 4 years. I've learned a few things since I became a mom 13 years ago. One of the most poignant is that they do, in fact, grow up entirely too fast. A prime example:

When dd#1 was born, I couldn't wait for her to "grow up" -- to start walking and talking and doing everything. With dd#3, I've wanted to keep her little for as long as possible. As recently as a few weeks ago, her favorite Pooh character was known as "Pliget" (and it sounded absolutely adorable in her sweet wee little person voice) and her favorite meal was "macrioni and cheese". I loved to hear her say those words and I wouldn't DREAM of correcting her, knowing she'd learn the correct pronunciation all too soon. Well, just this weekend she informed me that "macaroni is Piglet's favorite too". A little piece of my heart cried.

I'm just not ready to let her grow up. I'm holding on to that wee little girl as tight as I can. Thankfully, she still loves to snuggle and let me hug and kiss on her ... and my heart sings!

Here she is: