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Sunday, January 9

Coming Soon ...

... to a blog near you!

You may have noticed some new things here and there will be more soon:
- In the Rough: Works in Progress
- Bling Bling!: Finished Objects
- Little Gems: a quote or musing for you to ponder
- Freshwater Purls: Photo of a current WIP
- Cultured Purls: Photo of FO

Who knows what else I'll come up with - afterall, this is a work in progress in itself. You will definitely be seeing more photos ... did I mention I got a digi cam for Christmas?!?! Yeah!!!! This is the one I got:

It's the Canon Powershot A85.

Okay ... on to knitting:

I told you I joined the 6 Sock Knit Along. I cast on for the 1st sock the other night. I'm making it out of Bernat Softee Baby in a pretty pink and putting purplish beads. Here's a shot (sorry, it's a little dark and blurry):

I've also been busy on the Big Bad Baby Blanket. I just passed the halfway mark on it. For your viewing pleasure:

And here's an up close and personal photo so you can see the detail:

Okay - back to the needles and to tune into Desperate Housewives. Later!