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Tuesday, January 11

You want pictures?

I got pictures!!!

Tonight was so much fun!!! I met up with the From the Heart ladies for our mitten workshop:

We had so much fun - the evening ended entirely too soon. This is how far I got on my first ever mitten:

And this little angel is 5-week old Lauren. She came along with her mom for the workshop. She was so good. In this shot, she was about to go to sleep. She fought it for SSSOOOO LLLOOONNNNGGGG (bless her little heart). When she did finally go to sleep, it was for all of 10 minutes (bless her mom's heart!).

Ooh - and look what was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home ... some yummy fibery goodness! This is the January Yarn-of-the-Month Club:

Top row: Cotton Denim by Debbie Bliss and Cantina by Manetto Hill
Bottom row: Two.Two by Classic Elite and Phoenix by Southwest Trading Co.

I can't wait to swatch these and try them out. My first shipment (back in November) included Misti Alpaca Worsted. OMG - I love this stuff! I could just eat it! As soon as some more funds come in, I'm going to order enough to do something for me ... I dunno what ... but something nice. It is so incredibly soft.

Tomorrow night is Knitting Meetup - I can't wait. Last month only 1 other person came. It was, afterall, right before Christmas. I've already got 7 people that RSVP'd yes for this one.

Well, enough for tonight - WOW ... two posts in one day, and lots of pictures. Yeah for having my own digi cam!!! Nite all!