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Monday, January 17

Monday Monday,

so good to me
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be

And boy is it cold! Last week we had absurdly high temperatures (like high 60s - 70s) and I believe today's high was 33. I mean flowers were trying to come up last week (they're SO confused)! Now they're calling for snow later this week.

The weekend was pretty quiet. The girls were with their dad so I was able to get some much needed sleep - I've been so tired lately, it's crazy. I went to dinner and a movie with a friend Saturday night. We saw In Good Company with Dennis Quaid. It was a really good movie - we both enjoyed it. On Sunday, my dad and brother fixed the brakes on my car (thanks guys!!!) and we all had dinner at the parentals' ("all" = my parents, my 95 yo grandma, my 3 kids, my brother, sil and their 2 girls).

On the knitting front I finished my mom's beaded bracelet, then promptly forgot to snap a picture of it. I'll have to stop over there later this week and get a photo to share with you. I also worked on the BBBB. I only have a few more inches before the seed stitch border. Good thing since I think my friend is going to have the baby in the next day or so. We've got our fingers crossed ... she is SO ready to have this baby! All of you who are moms know what I'm talking about ... those last few days ... what unusual and crazy "old wives' tales" have you tried to induce labor? Castor oil, walking, eating spicy food? She reads my blog so feel free to share - I'm sure she's willing to try just about anything at this point!