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Thursday, January 13

It was Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the Candlestick!

One of the shows I don't watch is CSI (well, okay, three of the shows I don't watch), but after two people commented to me about last night's CSI: New York "I thought of you when ..." I figured it was blogworthy.

Bonne Marie over at ChicKnits said it best:

It had to Happen...Last night's episode of CSI: New York cashed in on the Hip to Knit Fad. Featured Murder Weapon du Jour? A knitting needle! ChicKnits scoffs in their general direction however, because when the owner of said needle was initially interogated [sic], she explained testily how knitting calms her down and held up a dog blanket to prove her point. ALAS! It was a funky crocheted afghan..
Last night was spent knitting with the Meetup Group. We had a grand time. Five other ladies joined me, including the wonderful L-B (Hi L-B *waving*!). I'm looking forward to continuing to knit with L-B, Gwen, Amy, Vicki (when she's not in school), and Catherine.