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Tuesday, December 28

What to knit?

Now that the time crunch of the previously looming Christmas deadline is over (whew!), I spent half the day yesterday trying to decide what to knit next.

I joined the 1st Time Sweater Knitalong. I'll be knitting a sweater for DD#3 from the Fall 2004 Family Circle EasyKnitting. It's #40 on page 73. I'm doing it in Tahki Cotton Classic in Color 3459 (darkpink) and Color 3449 (light pink). I think it'll be cute. If I do well with it, I'll make #41, the mom version, for myself in light pink and white.

But before starting that, I cast on for a Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch 'N Bitch. I'm doing this for John, the soon-to-be-born little brother of my godson Tre'. We're expecting John to arrive in early to mid-January, so I'll have this done in plenty of time.

Here's a great pic of Tre' - this was taken last month: