Weight Loss Progress

Monday, December 6

Fellow RAOKer to the Rescue!

A great big Diamonds & Purls thank you to Christine for saving the day! You gave me the adjustments needed for 2 very special SuperSecretChrissiePressies. I can't thank you enough. And, after the holidays, I'll be able to post photos of the items.

I learned some new techniques doing this project ...

1) how to knit a small circumference using one large circular needle (go here to learn). Just let me say WOW - this saved my life!!! This was deceptively easy. Thank you so much for such clear, concise directions.

2) when joining to knit in the round, how do you keep that first stitch from being all stretched out of shape? Here's how I do it now ... Join the first and last stitch to close the circle before you start knitting. I like to have the first and last cast-on stitches swap needles, pulling one through the other with a crochet hook in the process (yes, this came from the same source as above).

Both of these techniques really made a huge difference for me. I hope they'll help you too!

Other SuperSecretChrissiePressies are coming along. Some are even ready to be packaged, wrapped and shipped. But there are still more to knit, so back to the needles!