Weight Loss Progress

Friday, December 17

Eight days ... but who's counting?

The Meetup Group met Wednesday night. Only one person showed up (Hi Mary!) which is fine considering it's the week before Christmas - I was just thankful to have some time out of the house, without kids, to knit and converse with someone over the age of 13. Hopefully we'll get more folks there after the holidays.

From the Heart is meeting next week - I will definitely be there because that's more uninterrupted knitting time and interaction with adults.

As fast as I'm finishing SuperSecretChrissiePressies and getting them off the needles I'm seeing more things I'd like to do for gifts. Then there are the folks who drop the not so subtle hints about what they'd like me to knit for them ... if I get the chance. HELLO PEOPLE ... Christmas is 8 days away ... I work full-time, have three kids to keep up with along with their various activities and holiday happenings (choral concert, church pageant, girl scout meetings, school parties - I know I'm forgetting something here). I'm knitting as fast as I can at every conceivable opportunity, remember the Redskins game Sunday? (Yes, Miss W - even in the little girls room on occasion!)

Okay - mini rant over. Thanks for listening (and understanding)!

Last night I put the needles down long enough to take pictures (borrowed the digi cam from bro and SIL - thanks guys!) of WIPs, FOs and other knitting goodness and holiday fun to share with you. I hope to be able to post some of the pix this weekend, with the SuperSecretChrissiePressie photos coming after Christmas (don't want to spoil any surprises).

Okay, back to work so I can knit during lunch.