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Monday, November 8

Knitting, Crying, Knitting, Laughing

I'm sure I could have gotten MUCH MORE knitting done last night if I had made different viewing choices.

I started out working on SuperSecretChrissiePressie#1 (a.k.a. holiday gift) while watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. With about 30 minutes left in the program, I had to put my knitting down as I was crying so hard I could barely see. I absolutely love this show, but this family really touched me. Especially when Ty was teaching the crowd of more than 6,000 awaiting the family's return how to cheer in sign language, so as not to give the autistic son sensory overload from audible cheering. My sis-in-law was even sobbing when she called me to see if I was watching.

Once that was over, I thought I'd be able to get a fair amount done while watching my OTHER favorite show, Desperate Housewives. I had to put my knitting down more than once during this hour to be able to pay absolute attention to Gabrielle and Mama Solis dancing around each other and to laugh and applaud Lynette for the way she handled Sharon Lawrence's character! Brava Lynette!!

So, what should have taken me a little more than an hour to knit, ended up taking more than 2 hours. Oh well ... maybe there won't be much on TV tonight ... one can only hope, when faced with tons of knitting to do and fewer hours with each passing TV show.

Only 47 knitting days until Christmas!