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Wednesday, November 10

It Was a Blur

Ooh - I almost forgot to tell you ... got a lovely squishy package in the mail Saturday - it was my Peruvian Collection Highland Wool from Elann. Yummmmm. Hey, at $2.25/skein, it was a MUST-buy! I also treated myself to the Brittany Birch Cable Needles. (I'm so good to me - as a single parent, I have to be!)

Monday night I completed SuperSecretChrissiePressie #2! Yay me!!!

I had every intention of knitting last night, but ended up asleep as soon as I got home thanks to a crippling migraine. Don't ask me how, but I suffered through the day at work. Once I got home, I just crawled into bed.

So, no knitting last night. I'll have to make up for it tonight. Too many things on the list to skip nights. After all ... only 45 knitting days until Christmas! Eeeekk!