Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, October 21

Happy Thursday!

Oh, who am I kidding ... it's dreary, wet and cold and I feel like yuck today. I've got my first cold of the season and I can't breathe. BLAH! (I can just hear my dad, "You breathed yesterday.")

But, on the positive side, that gives me more time to ... say it with me boys & girls ... KNIT! Yeah - we love to knit!

Mrs R. - thanks for your comment about my blog name. I am a product of the 80's and one of my all time FAVE musicians is Prince. Diamonds & Pearls was the name of one of his songs. Of course, Diamonds & Purls are also THIS girl's best friends! BTW - I simply love your stitch markers. As the mom of 3 girls, I've got tons of those lying around!

And thanks to Nathania and Denise and Eilene and Manda and Vicki for your kind welcome to the RAOK ring. I've enjoyed each of your blogs so far.

Back to the needles!