Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, November 3

Bad Blogger

There's been so much happening lately that I simply haven't had time to blog ... I'm sure you noticed. Sorry.

I'll try to catch you up right quick - in no particular order:

~ I'm still working on my lifestyle changes (see the ticker above?) Friend and I had a discussion and since we don't diet or exercise ("We don't jog, Christina."), yet we wanted to lose weight and just generally get in shape, we decided to make some lifestyle changes. Since I had previous success with Weight Watchers, I'm doing that again. I've also started walking for 10-15 minutes, twice a day. I'm anxious to move more, so I'm going to start taking a Zumba class. I'm down 14 pounds and one pants size!

~ The countdown I mentioned in my last post is still happening. Now I'm only 13 days away from .... seeing Eddie Izzard .... live .... in VEGAS BABY!!!!! I've been trying to go to Las Vegas for years. The closest I ever got was 8 years ago, but unfortunately, that trip ended in a fatal car accident outside of L.A. .... I never made it to Vegas.

When I found out Eddie would be performing there, I called my sis-in-law {Hi Carrie ::waving wildly::} and told her, we started crunching numbers to see if we could go. Unfortunately, I just couldn't pull it off. A couple of days later, Carrie informed me that this trip would be a gift from her and my brother! Is that not the awesomest thing ever!?!?!?! To say that they made me cry (at work, no less) is an understatement. We're also going to see O. I can't wait!!!!!

~ I've met someone! Yes, I've met a new man. We've been dating for a couple of months now. He's wonderful .... handsome .... smart .... great sense of humor .... kind and thoughtful .... and so much more. I'm so fortunate and thankful to have him in my life.

~ There's even been some knitting here at the House of Bling. I'm currently working on the newest shipment from the Socks that Rock Rockin Sock Club. And, I'm very sorry to say, there's only 1 more shipment this year ::pouting:: As is my habit, I'll get some pictures posted in the next few days.

So, as I continue counting down the days, I leave you with this: