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Tuesday, May 8

The Haul

In my last post, I mentioned the fondling of new yarn on Saturday ... Friend and I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. This was Friend's first time - but I think it's safe to say it won't be her last!

It was great to run into a few friends. Hi Lauren, Lissa, Jane, Bess, Jen and Martha ::waving madly:: And it was nice to meet Jane's sister. And I'm sorry I missed a few other friends.

I only went over my budget by about $20, but I'm VERY happy with my acquisitions. I present .... everything!

And now I'll break it down into categories and tell you what it is.

Here we have The Sock Yarn - only 6 pairs worth - starting in the upper right corner and going clockwise:

RaggSocks kit from Morehouse (this colorway is not shown on their website), Wool/Bamboo blend from Ellens 1/2 Pint Farm, Strapa2 from Seaport Yarn, Lifestyle from Uncommon Threads, Superwash Merino Sock Yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, and Trekking XXL (colorway 126) also from Uncommon Threads. BTW - be sure to check out Spirit Trails new Sock Clubs!

And this is I think some rayon - I think - I dunno - I'm really not positive - I really don't care. All I know is it is gorgeous and shiny and only 6 dollars a skein (over 250 yards each). I saw this and the word "Clapotis" just popped into my head. I dunno why. I figure I'll make a shorter clap for my mom and one for myself, since I already have a really long one. But I can't decide which one I want to give up. Maybe they'll both be for me. Again, I dunno.

And finally the Pink Ribbon Scarf, also from Morehouse, in the elusive pink/pink colorway (not shown on their website).

Apparently I'm on a sock kick. But that's okay 'cause I'm still lovin' me some hand-knit socks!

The only thing we didn't get that we set out for was a deep fried Twinkie. Apparently that vendor didn't make it to the festival afterall. But we had one of the obscenely ginormous absolutely delish eclairs!

Did you go to MdS&W? What didja get? Come on, flash your MdS&W stash!