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Thursday, April 26

UFOs? What UFOs?

Oh my - I've been so busy with socks ... particularly new socks ... more specifically Socks That Rock ... that I haven't paid any attention to UFOs lately. I've got to get back to the UFOs. Soon, my pretties!

So why have I been so distracted by socks, you ask ... I'll tell you!

In today's mail I received the April shipment for the STR Rockin Sock Club. I love this yarn. I heart this stuff so much that I think I want to marry it ... can you marry yarn?!?

I was so excited to wind it (after the kids went to bed and I ate my dinner and I watched Grey's Anatomy) that I completely forgot to take a photo of it before winding. Oh well ... let's see if I can "borrow" a photo from someone (thanks Ute!). Here ya go:

Is that not the most scrumptious yarn you've ever seen?! And it feels just as yummy ... it's 81% merino and 19% tussah silk!!!!

This is a BRAND NEW YARN for Blue Moon Fiber Arts - only Rockin Sock Club members have it right now! It's called Silkie and sorry, but it's not available to the public yet. Talk about exclusivity and a membership perk.

Tomorrow I'll try to share photos of the beautiful yarn cakes I wound - and maybe even a quick progress shot.

Okay - now I'm off to try this backward loop cast on - I've never done this one before. Wish me luck!