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Sunday, January 14

UFO Sightings

I'm not usually one to join Knit-A-Longs (KAL) or challenges. In fact, in all my years of knitting, I think I've only done 4 - Soleil Along, 2006 Knitting Olympics, Who Wouldn't Love a Hand-knit Gift and Socktoberfest 2005. But I've found a challenge to join for 2007 ... The UFO Resurrection of 2007!

Here are The Rules straight from Kat with a K's blog:

1. Each month in 2007, find a UFO (unfinished object). This makes a total of twelve (12) for the year. You do not need to have a list of all twelve at the beginning of the year - you can go month by month if you'd like. (I plan to.)

2. You have two options for that UFO:
a. Work on it. You don't have to finish it that month, if it's something big, but it must be added into your rotation of "active" projects. A token row or two does not count. ;-)
b. Frog it. If you don't want to work on it anymore, rip it out and move on.

3. Post on your blog each month (or comment if you don't have a blog) about the project you're resurrecting.

4. Everyone who finishes will be entered into a prize drawing. And even if you don't win anything, you'll have twelve fewer languishing projects making you feel guilty!

I have a NUMBER of items in need of some finishing or frogging and apparently, this is the year to take action. I guess this is the proverbial "poo or get off the pot".

The first KAL/challenge I joined was for the Soleil and guess what ... it's a UFO. How's that for irony?!?!