Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, January 16


It's great working in an industry that recognizes federal holidays, including Martin Luther King Day. However, yesterday wasn't much of a holiday/day off for me ... I ended up with the mother of all migraines that had me up until the wee hours of this morning (3am) and was still kicking my butt head today. I didn't even feel up to knitting - can you believe that?!?!?! Thankfully, I'm feeling MUCH better now, so I guess Wednesday will be my Monday.

Friend and I both finished our 2-person Ponchette knit-along on Sunday. Neither of us have worn them yet. But since the weather is finally becoming seasonal, I'm sure we'll wear them soon ... just not on the same day. Since we work together, that might be weird.

She started a pair of Jaywalkers yesterday. I dug out a skein of Austermann Step and the pattern ... I think we'll do another 2-person knit-along. She just doesn't know it yet. Heehee.