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Monday, January 8

Sloppy Joe

I promised to tell you why the quote (When defeat is inevitable, it is wisest to yield.) was so appropriate for Saturday.

I am not the most organized mom around. But I manage. I know that things would be easier if I were more organized, but that's another post.

I managed to go to the grocery store Thursday evening and actually get the groceries needed for the next few days meals. I had a menu/plan and I was set! Friday night we grabbed something quick because we didn't get home until after 8pm due to Girl Scouts. So, Saturday I was going to make sloppy joes, tater tots and corn. This wasn't the first time for this particular meal. It's virtually a staple both at my house and my parents' house.

The girls asked what was for dinner as we were driving home. I told them the menu and darn if EVERY ONE of them didn't complain and say they don't like sloppy joes. WHAT?!?!?!?! DD#1 says she's never liked them, she just eats them because we told her too. DD#2 doesn't like it on bread (how else would one eat sloppy joes?). She just wants the meat. DD#3 doesn't like them anymore either. Now mind you, they had just eaten this meal a week ago. And they all ate everything on their plates.

Well, my patience were running a little thin so I basically told them this wasn't Waffle House and they were going to eat what I fixed. If DD#2 wanted only the meat, no bread, fine. Much whining and fussing ensued. But I didn't care ... mom on a mission ... gonna fix the meal I planned!

I get home and start getting ready to cook. I pull out all the ingredients, get the skillet on the stove to start browning the meat, put tater tots on a cookie sheet, pour the corn into a pot. I get the ground beef out. The Manwich can calls for 2 pounds ... I only have 1 pound.

It was time to yield ... I called out for pizza.