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Saturday, January 6

He said, She said ...

I don't know if you've noticed, but every few days, I put a new quote over there in the sidebar ... "Daily Purls". At a former place of employment, we had a huge black dry erase board on the wall of a heavily traveled hallway. We used flourescent colored dry erase markers on it (it looked totally cool, btw. I frequently would draw a border or pictures on it.)

The purpose of the board was for daily quotes. Anyone could put the quote for the day on the board. The quotes ran the gamut: funny, motivational, inspirational, serious, thought provoking and some that just didn't make any sense ... almost a riddle.

I had worked there for quite some time before I started putting quotes on the board. Apparently, folks liked the quotes I found because after a few, I noticed that when I walked past that board in the morning for the first of MANY times each day, no one had put up a new quote. One day I'd probably been in the office for over an hour when I got an email. The sender was checking to make sure I was at work that day. She was awaiting the new quote for the day.

When I left that job, I continued to find quotes. But instead of a cool black dry erase board with flourescent markers, I would email them to a list of friends each day.

I haven't gathered or shared quotes in over a year and I've kind of missed it. So I thought I'd like to do it again. And what better venue. I don't know if I'll change it daily, but I'll change it often. So please, feel free to stop by and see if there's a new quote. And if it strikes your fancy, be sure to comment.

And yes, the quotes are typically very meaningful or significant to whatever is happening in my world that day. The quote there now is no exception. Remind me to tell you about it tomorrow.

And don't forget ... Sunday, January 7th is the 1st International Pajama Day of 2007. Join in the fun!