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Tuesday, October 10


I received an interesting email yesterday morning ...

Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 11:56 AM
To: Beth
Subject: *ahem*

dear beth,it's been so long since we've last been in touch. i believe it was september 18 when you last left me a token message. i know we're in a committed relationship and all, but lately i feel as though you have been neglecting me. is there another? have you been writing in another blog? you must tell me. i have to know. the though of you doing another blog when i'm perfectly abled to meet your needs breaks my heart. i mean, you made me custom bling buttons and everything. you even learned a little html, just so we could communicate better. please let me know what's going on.

love, your blog
And to respond:

Dear Blog -

I'm sorry you feel neglected. I've been rather busy with life and since your life is contingent upon mine, you were pushed to the backburner. I'm sure it's no consolation, but my knitting has been feeling somewhat neglected too. I'll try to do better.