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Monday, February 6


I know - I know. It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. Sorry - been a little busy. Doing what, you ask? Why, knitting, of course! And yes, I have FOs to show for it!!!

Here's the finished baby sweater and matching socks - this lovely ensemble will be winging its way to Boston tomorrow. The pattern (will open an Adobe file) was great and I'll be doing more of this one. And why on earth was I so afraid of the mattress stitch? It was the coolest thing ever to watch the sweater come together.

A great big thanks goes to L-B and Monica and Lou and Maggi and Mira for your encouragement as L-B taught me the mattress stitch - I couldn't have done it without you!

And at long last, tonight I finished the the socks for DD#1:

This pattern (another Adobe file) was wonderfully written and knit up beautifully. And the yarn - mwah - Love It!!! It's the Midnight Knitter colorway of Vesper Sock Yarn from Knitterly Things. I loved this stuff so much, I've already bought the Neopolitan colorway for a pair for myself.

I'm getting kind of anxious about the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday. I've just about read a hole in the pattern, I've reviewed it so many times in preparation to cast on. Wish me luck! (And don't forget to send alcohol!) Let the games begin!!!!!

** BTW - I just saw "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" last week - can I just say - I love Madea!?!?! And I can't wait to see "Madea's Family Reunion" when it hits the theater later this month. Good Morn-ting!