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Monday, January 16

An Update and A Question

I've been a Bella-Scarf-knitting-fool - I've already finished 3 of the 5 I bought the yarn for.

I finished knitting the pieces for the Last Minute Simple Stripes sweater (for my former B-I-L's baby - due 2/7/06) - I still need to block it so I can get to assembly. I can't wait to finish this - my first sweater ever! I've even got enough yarn left to knit a matching pair of socks. I've got to get cracking on them since the ex is going to Boston on the 7th and I want him to deliver the sweater and socks for me.

I've enjoyed both of these projects so much that I ordered yarn to do more of each.

A local knitting friend just asked the following question of our knitting group, and I thought I'd see what you think... (Suzanne, thanks for writing our common dilemma so succinctly.)

One of our LYSs has two designers coming to teach this spring......including Nancie Wiseman! Now N has written my constant companion book The Knitter's Guide to Finishing Techniques which I have with my knitting at all times. I love this book, it's intelligent, easy to understand, and has clear and simple pictures. It's like Elements of Style for knitting. BUT the LYS is a blighted spot in my knitting universe. AND they are having a book signing while Nancie is in town. SO I'd love to get my book signed. But will the LYS require me to buy a book AT THEIR STORE to get it signed? The answer is PROBABLY.

Do I risk it?
Is it worth it?
Do I stand down from my boycott of this LYS to see/meet one of my knitting superheroes?
WWYD? (What Would You Do?)