Weight Loss Progress

Friday, December 30

1, 2, 3

Since there are several challenges in my world right now, blogging isn't at the top of the list. Hence the lack of original posts lately. So, just to keep you coming back, we're going to play Gimme 3 - we haven't played this in quite some time. But, here goes:

*If money were no object this past Christmas, what are 3 gifts you would have bought, and for whom?
A house for my family; a new shoulder for my mom; anything Carrie (my SIL and best friend) wants

*If you could have done 3 things differently this year, what would they have been?
Lost the weight; different financial strategy; gone to Vegas.

*What 3 things do you hope happen in 2006?
Lose the weight; buy a house; go to Vegas.

Your turn - answer in my comments, or on your blog and leave me a comment that you answered on your blog.