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Sunday, October 2

Volunteering, Fiber and Knit Bloggers

What a weekend we've had!

Friday was our Girl Scout meeting. We're preparing for our Fall Ceremony -- we'll do an investiture for the new scouts, rededication for the returning scouts, bridging for the girls going up to Juniors (from Brownies) and present awards and patches earned last year - whew! I think this is going to be a fun year. We've got 3 age levels - Daisies (pre-K and K), Brownies (1st, 2nd & 3rd grades), and Juniors (4th, 5th & 6th grades). I'm sure there will be some new challenges, but overall I think it'll be great.

Saturday morning dawned early - DD#1, DD#2 and I joined my SIL and Niece #1 for a day of volunteering. She and my bro both work for Comcast and the 1st Saturday of October each year is "Comcast Cares" Day. Basically, their employees, families, and friends volunteer and do a variety of projects within the community. For example, our group landscaped the entranceway to an elementary school. We weeded, planted new plants & trees, and stained the flower bed boxes (made of landscaping timbers). We worked hard for several hours but it was worth it - the school looked great and the principal was so pleased. The kids were real troopers and really got into it. We were very proud of them.

Today, all three kids, my mother & I hopped in the van and headed to Montpelier for the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival. We had a great time. DD#1 enjoyed watching the sheepdog trials; DD#2 took a workshop to learn to weave a bookmark or choker; and DD#3 did a workshop to make a felted ornament. I did a little shopping and got an education on English Angora rabbits. Could there be angora in my future? Perhaps - we'll see!

I had the pleasure of meeting Amie today. She was helping Jennifer at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth. It was wonderful to meet both ladies. I've been reading Amie's blog for a while and had many people sing the praises of Spirit Trail, so it was great to meet them both. I purchased some roving from Jennifer for DD#3 to use to make SuperSecretChrissiePressies (yes, I'm getting the whole crew in on IT this year).

So, now I'm working on laundry and getting ready to watch my all-time fave show ... Desperate Housewives. Later!