Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, October 23

Progress is being made

As promised, here are some photos. This FO is SSCP #7 (KnitPicks Simple Stripes):

These are for DD#2, who won't be seeing the blog or this post until after the holidays, so I don't have to worry about her seeing this one.

And this WIP is SSCP#8:

I'm almost finished knitting this one and I have #9 on the needles already too. I'm on a roll!

DD#2 has a birthday this week. So, Saturday afternoon I'm taking her, my other girls, my nieces and a couple of DD#2's friends to Build-A-Bear and then for icecream. I think my mom is planning to come too - apparently Miss Kitty needs a new outfit!

To show that my level of knit-geekdom is on the rise - I recently purchased a Palm Pilot (Tungsten T5, to be exact) and the Countable and Knitable software. OMG - I am having so much fun with this thing. It's going to take a while to get all my patterns and the stash inventoried into Knitable, but it will be TOTALLY worth it when done.

For those of you that use your Palm for knitting, what software apps do you use?