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Sunday, September 4

How 'bout a little booty

Thanks again to all for your well wishing and congratulating on the new job - you all really helped me through a tough time and I appreciate your continued good thoughts!

Last Monday evening I participated in Call 12, a call in segment on the local NBC affiliate (NBC 12). They featured From the Heart and throughout three newscasts (5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 p.m.) told viewers about our group. Then viewers were able to call and speak to us to get more information. We talked with over 65 people about what we do and our needs. Hopefully some of these folks will be interested in joining us or donating items they've made for the different organizations and facilities we give to. This was a really fun thing to do and the hour and a half we were on the phone went by very quickly! Here we are:

So, what else have I been doing? Well, I've been a preemie-pumpkin-bootie-knitting-nut, I tell ya! (Okay, so the title of this post should be "bootie", but I thought "booty" would get your attention!) I've finished 6 pair in a variety of sizes and expect to have at least 2 more pair done before I send these to TPP on Tuesday. And yes, those are quarters lying about with the booties:

The Fall Fiber Festival is coming up in Montpelier VA the first weekend in October. My mom and I are going and taking my 2 youngest DDs. I've registered each of them for workshops. DD#2 will be weaving a choker or bookmark; DD#3 will be making a felted ball or pincushion. I hope they have fun with it.

Well, we're off to a cookout at the parental's. My mom, DD#2 and Niece #1 just returned from a mini vacation at my grandma's in Alabama. My grandma is a knitter, but I don't think she's done any knitting for years. So, she sent a ton of yarn home with my mom so we're going to go through that this afternoon. Can you say YEAH!!! FREE YARN! Woo Hoo!!!

And finally, I leave you with this: