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Monday, July 4

What state are we in now?

I know, it's been a while. Sorry.

The last week has been a little crazy. We left Saturday morning for Vermont and actually, much to my surprise, really had a nice time. I don't mean I expected our time there to be bad. I mean the drive up and back was pretty good ... all things considering ... i.e., 4 kids in a minivan for 12+ hours EACH.WAY. Surprisingly, we didn't get many "Are we there yet"(s). The question of the day was "Which state are we in now?"

On Sunday we had a great day celebrating my cousin's 4th birthday. But OMG IT.WAS.HOT!!! I mean, Virginia hot and humid but we were in Vermont (WTF?). I wondered if we'd brought the nasty weather with us. Nobody could get over the weather. And here we had packed jeans and jackets because my mom kept telling us it would get cool at night. HA! My aunt and uncle have a pool so the kids were in and out of that all day. They also have an ATV so my uncle took the kids for rides up and down the mountain - they LOVED it! It sounded like a roller coaster ride at an amusement park because we could hear the engine of the ATV and all this laughter and screaming - it was great.

On Monday my mom and I went to Webs and Green Mountain Spinnery. Webs is only about 45 minutes from my uncle's place. It was a pleasant drive and nice to just hang out with my mom. I got some beautimus yummy fibery goodness - at great prices too! I got some real purty red Dive' Cotton and some purty pink Saucy Sport Cotton (I'll try to do links or photos later - didja notice what time it is?!?!) I really wanted some Dale of Norway Svale, but they only had 9 skeins and I needed 12. I'll order some online. Can I get a big cheer for Webs discountable yarns?!? Woo hoo!!! I love me some 20% off!!!!

We barely made it to Green Mountain before they closed. They are only a few miles from my uncle's house. I didn't think I would be able to afford any of their yarn right now (I was correct!) but there was a pattern I really wanted that I had seen at MS&W. Fortunately, I was able to get that and check out (i.e., touch and feel) some of their hand-dyed stuff. When I have some extra dough (translate to - when I have a new job and catch my bills back up) I'll order some to make the Cotton Comfort T-Shirt.

Did I mention on the trip home we had some mechanical trouble? We were somewhere in New York state - I dunno where because I was too busy watching the Harry Potter Marathon (yup, we watched all three movies on the trip home). Fortunately, the belt broke (I think it's called the serpentine - it controls the generator, power steering, a/c, etc.) just a small distance from an exit off the interstate and just off that exit was a great auto repair shop. These guys took really good care of us. We were back on the road in about 2 hours. While we were there, we had a picnic lunch and the kids played games. I even worked on the Fiber Crack blanket.

Overall, an excellent trip. I'm definitely glad I went. (BTW, the only time we used those jackets my mom made us pack was in the van on the way home because we had the a/c on and it got kind of chilly in there. They came off pretty darn quick when we hit Richmond around 10 pm and got out of the van and got hit by the heat and humidity - WHEW!)

Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!!